About us

Launched in 2022, OpenLuxury helps you sell your designer handbag, find a new one, and have it authenticated all by our trusted team.

A luxury handbag and accessories service provider, OpenLuxury offers three main services that are designed to make luxury resale more accessible.

Unlock Luxury Resale

Get the most money for your item by reviewing quotes from various resellers. You pick the quote, and we finalize the sale.


Tell us what you want and we’ll access our network of resale sites, consignment shops, auction houses, and private dealers to help find exactly what you’re looking for.


Be sure your items are authentic, with the option to easily add on reports and documentation for each item. We even work with businesses, verifying your inventory so you can focus on growth.

Unlock Luxury Resale

Founder story

Erik DeFruscio and James Firestein founded OpenLuxury with the goal of making luxury resale safe, accessible, and convenient for all.


Having worked in luxury resale for nearly a decade, James became well acquainted with the inconvenient and opaque nature of the industry, especially as it grew. He saw the importance of making authentication central to the resale process in order to build trust and minimize fraud.


Erik’s many years of advertising experience included overseeing multiple emerging e-commerce brands, acquainting him with the growing needs of consumers. With the emergence of e-commerce, he wanted to find an easier way for people to tap into the value within their own closets.


They started working on ways to incorporate their ideas into a business model that would ultimately become OpenLuxury. Their services help create a safer resale environment, build credibility for businesses, and offer flexibility and ease for shoppers and sellers alike.