Luxury cleaning service Margaret’s partners with OpenLuxury

Jan 5, 2023

OpenLuxury and Margaret’s Cleaners have partnered to expand their luxury services offerings!

Margaret’s is a family-run company that first began in 1953 and has been owned and operated by the Horst family for four generations. The nation’s first Five Star Certified Cleaner provides the utmost quality dry cleaning across a variety of categories.

The company was originally founded as Margaret’s Knit Blocking by Margaret Clutter with just a pair of pants and a sweater. After her husband’s passing and son being wounded in the Korean War, she started the business to be financially able to care for him when he returned. Margaret was soon known for her delicate pressing and knit blocking.

For the next three decades, her extensive skill at hand washing, stain removal, alterations, pressing, knit blocking, and knit repair earned her business the reputation for being the best cleaner in La Jolla, California.

Since, the company has opened storefronts throughout California, received multiple accolades, and worked with some of the most prestigious clients across the country. Their latest offering is a CleanByMail® Service using UPS to provide a convenient way to send and drop off repairs.

OpenLuxury is proud to partner with this legacy brand to cross-promote Margaret’s Cleaning service along with our Sell, Find, and Authentication services. This partnership will make luxury services more accessible and will be promoted across both companies’ platforms.

Lastly, to highlight the expertise at Margaret’s, here are just a few examples of how Maragaret’s service is able to restore multiple types of damage across a variety of brands and materials:

Margaret Chanel Stains Before After

Margaret Hermes Red Bag Stain Before After

Margaret Vintage Prada Restoration Before After

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