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The 12 days of Hermès: Most popular Hermès bags of all time

December 6, 2023

At Hermès, each bag tells a tale of timeless elegance, unparalleled craftsmanship, and a storied past. Let’s delve into the most coveted and iconic handbags that have left an indelible mark on the world of luxury fashion. From the iconic Birkin bag that exudes sophistication to the chic Kelly bag that whispers tales of grace (pun intended), each bag is a masterpiece in its own right. Join us on this sartorial exploration as we unveil the allure of the Hermès Constance bag, the versatility of the Evelyne bag, the understated charm of the Herbag bag, and the playful spirit of the Lindy bag. With the Garden Party bag, Jypsière bag, Picotin bag, Bolide bag, Kelly Pochette bag, and Halzan bag completing our curated list, this is a celebration of craftsmanship, style, and the unwavering legacy of Hermès. Embrace the magic of the “12 days of Hermès”, where each bag is a chapter in a story of luxury that traverses centuries.

1. Hermès Birkin bag

The most popular Hermès Birkin bag sizes
The most popular Hermès Birkin bag sizes

At the forefront of our illustrious journey through the 12 days of Hermès stands the epitome of luxury and sophistication—the Hermès Birkin bag. The Hermès Birkin stands as the unrivaled queen of handbags, a symbol of prestige, rarity, and undying allure. Released in 1984, its inception was as serendipitous as it was legendary, born from a chance encounter between actress Jane Birkin and Jean-Louis Dumas, the then CEO of Hermès, on a flight from Paris to London. This fortuitous meeting laid the foundation for what would become the most sought-after bag in the world. Crafted meticulously by skilled artisans, the Birkin transcends mere accessory; it’s an embodiment of exclusivity and craftsmanship.

The Birkin’s appeal lies not just in its opulent exterior – a flawless marriage of exquisite leather and precious metals – but also in the mystique surrounding its acquisition. Each bag is a testament to patience, discernment, and taste, as acquiring a Birkin often involves navigating lengthy waiting lists and cultivating a relationship with a particular sales associate at your local boutique. As a result, the Birkin isn’t merely a fashion statement; it’s a symbol of triumph, a tangible manifestation of one’s dedication to the pursuit of craft and luxury goods. In the realm of designer handbags, the Hermès Birkin bag remains an enduring icon, a highly collectible objet d’art that transcends trends and time, making it the essential first chapter in the saga of Hermès excellence.

2. Hermès Kelly bag

The most popular Hermès Kelly bag sizes
The most popular Hermès Kelly bag sizes

Elegance personified, the Hermès Kelly bag takes its well-deserved seat at the pinnacle of luxury fashion, securing the number two spot in our countdown. Named after the timeless style icon, actress, and Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly, whose love affair with the bag catapulted it to stardom in 1956, the Kelly is a symphony of sophistication and grace. Its structured silhouette, punctuated by the iconic turn-lock closure, is a nod to meticulous craftsmanship that has stood the test of time.

The allure of the Kelly extends beyond its exterior beauty; it’s a narrative of refinement and resilience. Legend has it that the bag’s origins lie in practicality – designed to conceal Kelly’s pregnancy bump from the prying eyes of the paparazzi. This touch of history intertwines with the bag’s legacy, making it more than a mere accessory. Each Kelly bag is a chapter in the story of poise and glamor, carrying with it the echoes of its glamorous muse.

As a symbol of timeless allure, the Kelly’s desirability remains unwavering. Whether gracing the arms of Hollywood royalty or adorning the ensemble of a modern trendsetter, the Hermès Kelly stands as a testament to enduring style, earning its well-deserved accolades in the illustrious lineup of the 12 days of Hermès.

3. Hermès Constance bag

The most popular Hermès Constance bag sizes
The most popular Hermès Constance bag sizes

Seizing the spotlight as a luminary of our Hermès constellation is the Constance bag, a beacon of chic sophistication that claims the coveted third position in our countdown. Designed in 1959, the Constance emerged as a tribute to Catherine Chaillet, the daughter of one of Hermès’ in-house artisans. Its creation was a fusion of familial love and artisanal brilliance, mirroring the values that define the Hermès legacy.

The Constance is a testament to timeless design, characterized by clean lines, a distinctive ‘H’ clasp, and an effortlessly elegant structure. What sets this bag apart is not just its aesthetic finesse but the intimate story woven into its seams. As Catherine’s husband, Robert Dumas, gifted her this bag, it became a symbol of love and artistic synergy within the Hermès family and their partners.

Today, the Constance remains a muse for fashion enthusiasts, admired for its understated glamor and heritage. It’s not just a handbag; it’s a narrative etched in leather, a testament to the enduring marriage of craftsmanship and familial devotion. As number three on our list, the Constance asserts its timeless presence, an emblem of both artistry and affection.

4. Hermès Evelyne bag

The most popular Hermès Evelyne bag sizes
The most popular Hermès Evelyne bag sizes

Dancing into the limelight as the enchanting number four in our parade of Hermès splendors is the Evelyne bag – a study in understated luxury and versatility. Conceived in 1978, the Evelyne is a departure from the ornate, yet no less iconic, designs of its Hermès kin. Its genesis was rooted in practicality and ease, crafted for an equestrian lifestyle with a perforated ‘H’ on the front, allowing riders a sturdy and practical option for a day in the stables.

Beyond its functional origins, the Evelyne has metamorphosed into a symbol of effortless casual style. The bag, with its simple silhouette and adjustable crossbody strap, speaks to the modern woman’s need for both aesthetics and functionality. It’s a fusion of heritage and contemporary elegance, embodying the Hermès commitment to adaptability without sacrificing sophistication or craft.

The Evelyne bag stands as a tribute to the brand’s ability to evolve while staying true to its roots. A celebration of the equestrian spirit that birthed it, the Evelyne bag encapsulates the spirit of Hermès – a perfect blend of tradition and innovation.

5. Hermès Picotin bag

The most popular Hermès Picotin bag sizes
The most popular Hermès Picotin bag sizes

Descending gracefully into the heart of our Hermès saga, the Picotin bag takes the spotlight as the fifth luminary in our celestial lineup. Unveiling itself in 2002, the Picotin, with its whimsical charm, offers a departure from the structured formality of its predecessors. Inspired by equestrian heritage, it echoes the silhouette of a horse’s feedbag, infusing the collection with an unassuming yet endearing character.

The Picotin radiates a carefree spirit, a visual poetry in simplicity. Its open-top design, adorned with a distinctive leather drawstring, invites a playful interaction with the bag, allowing its contents to peek out while maintaining an air of casual elegance. The absence of a rigid structure is a deliberate departure from convention, emphasizing Hermès’ ability to redefine luxury through diversity.

Crafted from the finest leathers and bearing the hallmark cadena lock, the Picotin emerges as an embodiment of relaxed sophistication. It’s more than a bag; it’s an ode to the whimsy in everyday life. The Picotin bag stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries while preserving the essence of time-honored craftsmanship.

6. Hermès Herbag bag

The most popular Hermès Herbag bag sizes
The most popular Hermès Herbag bag sizes

As we unveil the sixth gem in our opulent treasure trove, the Hermès Herbag emerges as a versatile masterpiece, blending contemporary aesthetics with a nod to its iconic heritage. Introduced as a reinvention of the iconic Kelly bag, the Herbag made its debut in the 1980’s. The original design was discontinued in the mid-2000’s and reinvented as the Herbag Zip bag in 2009. A testament to the house’s commitment to evolution, this bag embodies a dynamic fusion of classic sophistication and modern functionality.

The Herbag boasts a dual identity – a canvas exterior allows for carefree transformation of daily essentials, offering its owner the freedom to let loose with this style. With its clean lines and minimalist charm, the bag appeals to the contemporary nomad, capturing the essence of wanderlust and adventure.

What makes the Herbag truly enchanting is its versatility, offering a canvas for personal expression. It’s a blank page awaiting the strokes of individual style. The distinct clou de selle closure and robust canvas pay homage to the brand’s equestrian heritage while embracing the spirit of the modern explorer.

7. Hermès Garden Party bag

The most popular Hermès Garden Party bag sizes
The most popular Hermès Garden Party bag sizes

Blossoming gracefully into the spotlight as the seventh jewel in our Hermès crown, the Garden Party bag exudes a refined charm that effortlessly captures the essence of casual sophistication. Debuting in 1964, this tote is a departure from the structured formality of its Hermès siblings, offering a breath of fresh air with its relaxed silhouette.

The Garden Party is a celebration of versatility and understated elegance. Crafted from robust canvas or supple leather, the bag embodies the spirit of effortless chic, making it an ideal companion for both everyday pursuits and picnics in the garden. Its spacious interior, adorned with the iconic Hermès clou de selle snap closure, beckons to those who appreciate practical luxury.

This bag’s creation mirrors a leisurely stroll through a sunlit garden, evoking a sense of ease and natural beauty. The Garden Party encapsulates the brand’s dedication to crafting pieces that seamlessly integrate into the rhythm of contemporary life. The Garden Party bag emerges as a melody of laid-back luxury, inviting enthusiasts to revel in the simple joy of carrying a piece of the Hermès garden wherever they go.

8. Hermès Lindy bag

The most popular Hermès Lindy bag sizes
The most popular Hermès Lindy bag sizes

Swinging into our Hermès soirée as the eighth dancer, the Lindy bag brings a spirited rhythm to the twelve days of Hermès. Designed in 2006 and released in early 2007, the Lindy is a celebration of dynamism and modernity. Its inception was a response to the evolving lifestyle of the Hermès woman – one who navigates seamlessly between work and play, style and functionality.

The Lindy’s distinctive silhouette, characterized by dual handles and a slouchy, unstructured shape, defies convention and dances to its own beat. Designed to be worn in multiple ways, it embraces the spirit of versatility, effortlessly transitioning from a tote to a shoulder bag with a playful twist.

Crafted with the precision synonymous with Hermès, the Lindy is an emblem of contemporary elegance. Its name pays homage to the Lindy Hop, a lively dance from the jazz era, infusing the bag with a sense of vivacity and movement. The Lindy bag orchestrates a delightful melody, inviting fashion enthusiasts to join in the celebration of a bag that mirrors the rhythm of a dynamic and joyous life.

9. Hermès Kelly Pochette bag

The most popular Hermès Kelly Pochette bag sizes
The most popular Hermès Kelly Pochette bag sizes

Gracefully taking its place as the ninth note in our Hermès symphony is the Kelly Pochette, a petite powerhouse that emanates refinement and timelessness. Emerging from the iconic Kelly family of handbags, this diminutive masterpiece was born from a desire for elegance in a more compact form. Introduced in 2004, the Kelly Pochette is a testament to the enduring allure of the original Kelly design.

The Kelly Pochette retains the unmistakable silhouette of its larger sibling, featuring the iconic turn-lock closure and structured lines that have come to define the Kelly lineage. Its diminutive size, however, adds a touch of whimsy and adaptability, making it the perfect companion for glamorous evenings and intimate gatherings.

Crafted with the same precision and attention to detail that distinguishes all Hermès creations, the Kelly Pochette is a beacon of sophistication on a smaller scale. Its evolution mirrors the shifting landscape of modern luxury, acknowledging the demand for pieces that seamlessly transition from day to night. The Kelly Pochette bag stands as a diminutive treasure, proving that true elegance knows no size limitations.

10. Hermès Bolide bag

The most popular Hermès Bolide bag sizes
The most popular Hermès Bolide bag sizes

Unveiling its polished allure as the tenth handbag in our Hermès list, the Bolide bag emerges as a symbol of timeless sophistication and innovation in travel. Conceived in 1923 and first introduced as the le sac pour l’auto, this cylindrical marvel was designed for the modern woman on the move. The brainchild of Émile-Maurice Hermès, it was initially envisioned as a sleek and practical accompaniment for the burgeoning world of automobile travel.

The Bolide, with its distinct rounded shape and signature domed zip closure, represents a departure from traditional trappings while exuding an air of understated glamor. Its name, inspired by a slang term for a meteor, perfectly captures the essence of speed and modernity that defines the bag.

Crafted with meticulous precision and attention to detail, the Bolide is a testament to the house’s commitment to both form and function. It effortlessly marries heritage and contemporary style, making it a perennial favorite among connoisseurs of luxury. As we reach the denouement of the illustrious 12 days of Hermès, the Bolide bag takes center stage, a timeless companion for those who appreciate the artistry in every journey.

11. Hermès Jypsière bag

The most popular Hermès Jypsière bag sizes
The most popular Hermès Jypsière bag sizes

Marching into the final countdown with an air of bohemian sophistication, the Hermès Jypsière claims its well-deserved spot as the eleventh in the 12 days of Hermès. Introduced in 2008, this bag is a testament to the maison’s ability to embrace diversity and cater to the dynamic needs of its clientele. The Jypsière, with its slouchy silhouette and Birkin-inspired hardware, encapsulates a free-spirited, nomadic essence that beckons to the modern wanderer.

Named for the free spirited and nomadic peoples of Europe, the Jypsière fuses classic craftsmanship with a contemporary edge. Its adjustable shoulder strap and functional design reflect the brand’s commitment to practical luxury, providing a seamless blend of style and functionality.

True to its roots, the Jypsière embraces the spirit of the Hermès equestrian heritage with subtle nods to saddlebag design. The Jypsière bag stands as an emblem of the brand’s evolution, appealing to those who seek a harmonious marriage of timeless elegance and the spirited allure of the open road.

12. Hermès Halzan bag

The most popular Hermès Halzan bag sizes
The most popular Hermès Halzan bag sizes

Crowning our illustrious journey through the 12 days of Hermès is the Halzan bag, a versatile chameleon in the world of luxury accessories. Earning its esteemed place as the twelfth and final Hermès bag on our list, the Halzan is a testament to the brand’s commitment to reinvention and adaptability. Introduced in 2014, it emerged as a multifunctional marvel, catering to the ever-evolving needs of the modern cosmopolitan.

The Halzan’s ingenious design allows it to transform effortlessly from a spacious tote to a casual messenger, or even a sleek clutch. Crafted with Hermès’ trademark precision, the bag merges practicality with sophistication, ensuring it effortlessly complements various aspects of contemporary life.

The bag’s name, derived from a village in the Asian steppes by the same name, reflects the nomadic spirit that defines its essence. Like a faithful companion, the Halzan adapts to the myriad roles of the modern woman, echoing the dynamic rhythm of her daily life. As we conclude our enchanting journey, the Halzan stands as a versatile finale, a celebration of flexibility, functionality, and the enduring elegance that defines the Hermès legacy.

Farewell to the luxury finery

As we bid adieu to our enchanting sojourn through the 12 days of Hermès, it’s evident that each bag is not just a fashion accessory; it’s a chapter in a saga of enduring luxury. From the legendary Birkin bag, a symbol of rarity and refinement, to the versatile Halzan bag, embodying adaptability for the modern cosmopolitan, every piece has etched its narrative in the grand tapestry of Hermès excellence. The Kelly bag, with its timeless grace, stands shoulder to shoulder with the spirited Lindy bag, reflecting the dynamic rhythm of contemporary life. The Constance bag, a tribute to familial devotion, shares the stage with the Garden Party bag, a celebration of understated elegance. As we close this chapter, the Picotin whispers of carefree whimsy, while the Bolide bag roars with the spirit of speed and innovation. The Evelyne bag, a companion for the modern explorer, dances alongside the Herbag bag, a canvas for personal expression. The Kelly Pochette bag and Jypsière bag bring their unique charm, completing a symphony that resonates with the heritage and evolution of the house of Hermès. These 12 days have been a celebration of craftsmanship, style, and the indomitable spirit that defines luxury in the world of Hermès. Until we embark on our next adventure, may your days be as alluring as the bags that adorn your closet.

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